EOS R6 focus guide inaccuracy

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Re: EOS R6 focus guide inaccuracy

Yes, it seems to be focusing to infinity correctly.

I just double checked and it looks like I had misremembered slightly - the chipped adaptor I have that is behaving oddly is a C/Y adaptor not a PK one. I just tried it with a few different lenses and it reports "correct" focus in all cases when focused behind where it should be. It's not just a bit out either - it's enough to be very obvious that it has got it wrong.

My adaptor reports that the lens is f/1.4 - which none of the lenses I have tried actually are. I don't know whether that is is any part of the problem. It does seem as though the error is greater the more the lens is stopped down.

I checked in exiftool and it does seem to be reporting some rather weird values for the lens type:

Lens Type : Canon EF 35-80mm f/4-5.6

Max Focal Length : 65535 mm

Min Focal Length : 1 mm

Focal Units : 1/mm

Max Aperture : 1.4

Min Aperture : 1.4

Focal Length : 50.0 mm

One of the lenses I tried WAS 50mm, but other than that all the info is wrong.

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