Can high quality LED lights be used for professional quality indoors portrait work?

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Re: Part of my point with this thread is to provide a heads up.

Michael Fryd wrote:

The Paul C Buff DigiBee has a 75 LED modeling light. It puts out 6000 lumens. That's about the same as a 400 W incandescent bulb.

if you like continuous light, you can use the modeling light on the DigiBees and not bother with the strobe. This gives you continuous light with access to the complete line of Paul Buff modifiers.

That's a little less than 90% of the output of a 60W light like the Nanlite Forza 60. You can power the Nanlite off two Sony NP batteries, hand hold it and put a Fresnel or a projection attachment (neither of which are available for the DigiBee as far as I'm aware)  on it. It's got a very very quiet fan. CRI 98, TLCI 95. The Nanlite's an entry level modern video light.

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