A1000: Mostly flying night herons at Jingchuan Park, episode 3

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Re: Will try manual (spot) AF and EVF next time

Booted Cat wrote:

So if I want a "pocket DSLR with ~400mm focal range", the ZS200 is the closest and only option, right?

All Panasonic have fast DFD AF. Both "pocket" long zoom, ZS200 and ZS80 have fast AF.

ZS200 with 1 inch sensor 24-360 mm DFD AF

ZS80 with 1/2.3 inch sensor 24-720 mm also with DFD AF.

ZS200 will have much better low light performance with its 1 inch sensor, and also better IQ in digital zoom, up to 720 mm.

ZS80 is equivalent to A1000 with slightly less range but with much faster AF.

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