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More on Komura

Heritage Cameras wrote:

Goethe wrote:

Stumbled over these while looking thru some M42 auctions.
Cant believe I have never heard of them.

There's lots of interesting information about Komura lenses here:

Also quite a lot on this forum

Somewhere on this forum I posted the results of my calculation of the “Komuraflex” compared to the Visoflex - they are not the same extension. Be aware that some of the lenses need the extension to focus properly - not always mentioned by vendors who might not be aware of this. 200/3.5, 300/5.6, 400/6.3, 500/7.0, 800/8.0 in LTM are examples but the list is probably not conclusive.

[Edit] - here ye’are my 2016 Visoflex adapting guide - might save some serious head scratching - from my sage words at the time it seems that the web information on Visoflex was thoroughly confusing and this was further confused because the “Komuraflex” registration distance was different. I think that this would be a good starting point.

Those interested might need to read the whole thread, especially this post:

Komura Reflex Housing part #30020 - like hens teeth. The standard tube replacement for the Visoflex housing will not work on its own.

I also have quite a lot of Komura lenses and have not noticed yellowing.

Komura also made lenses for Bronica, they were quite capable lense makers.

Prices for Komura vary greatly - I think that this merely reflects the size of the product run. Some quite cheap commonly available Komuras are quite good lenses. Eg: 135/2.8

There seem to be a huge number of Komura lens types and they were made in many lens mounts and in some exotic specifications in low numbers. They had various methods of dealing with the multiple mounts including their own Uni-adapter. I have one lens that has a Telemore Adapter built in.

The faster lenses are often promoted as “Ernostars” I am not sure if they are actually Ernostar within the meaning of the type, but then I am not that good at reading lens diagrams.

My experience is that the grease used turns into a black sticky gunk in time. The ones that relate to the Sonnar build type will screw apart in the middle and updating the helicoid grease is not a huge business.

My very first Komura lens purchase came effectively locked solid focus due to that black grease. Others where the focus was silky obviously had been re-greased before I purchased it.

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