R5 - initially I was shocked...

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Re: R5 - initially I was shocked...

ProDude wrote:

This sure is odd. I've have YET to get any shutter shock no matter what shutter mode I use, even the full manual shutter. I've shot down to less then 1/2 sec with amazing results. Not at all sure why you're having such issues.

On Canon IS systems you'll generally see shutter shock with shutter speeds between 1/60s and 1/160s. Both slower and faster speeds will be bette. So I'm not surprised you're seeing good results at 1/2s, it's waaaaay outside the danger zone.

I first noticed it on an R with an EF100L, at 1/160s it had virtually no sharp pictures of butterflies, switching to EFCS or using the lens on the RP (no MS possible) made the issue go away.

Canon released a special firmware for the EF600II to fix the issue, it improved results in the 1/60s to 1/160s range quite a bit. Someone at Canon HQ cares a lot about bad PR of the 600mm, but not about anything else showing the same problem :/

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