Attending a hands on Z9 event - got questions?

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Re: Attending a hands on Z9 event - got questions?

NickZ2016 wrote:

It depends on what you mean by works. It's likely with the camera turned off almost anything will charge the camera. Even older non PD powerbanks. If OTOH you want something to keep the camera running while charging you need the PD.

The advantage of more power is that one bank can charge everything else you might own including a laptop. At least a small laptop. I think there is a new version of PD coming next year with a 230Watts of power.

What i meant by “works” as if it can power the Z body while having a Nikon battery in the chamber or charge the Nikon battery when the body is turned off.

Don’t need to power it + charge the body at the same time (i read it’s not possible anyways for that).

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