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Re: Will try manual (spot) AF and EVF next time

Booted Cat wrote:

Will try all options (manual spot, normal and wide AF) and my SX740. Mirrorless or DSLR, I'm not very interested in big and heavy cameras. How do you think of the ZS200 in terms of BIF?

I haven't used any Panasonic cameras, but I understand that the ZS200 has the Depth from Defocus AF, unique to Panasonic, which works on similar principle as Phase Detection AF.

DFD also uses data analyzing algorithm to work out the focal distance, which will be a lot faster than the Trial and Error methodology of CDAF.

I understand that DFD is very close to the PDAF on the hybrid sensor in Mirrorless camera in AF speed, although still not as good as the PDAF in the DSLR.

With the bigger 1 inch sensor and DFD AF at the ZS200, I would have thought that the ZS200 will be a better camera for BIF than your A1000, if you are happy with the reduced range.

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