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I used to be a full time event photographer for about 4 years.

Was carrying two D850/D4s using two CarrySpeed slings (the 2nd/3rd version where the ball joints doesn't wear down quickly). Their shoulder straps are wide and so comfortable even with heavy gear.

Then I used the Think Tank Slim Pro belt with skins. The skins were handy to carry spare batteries / memory cards, but also one /two lenses. So when you change lenses you don't need to put the one you just took off on a table/floor or hold awkwardly. Put it into the pouch, and then took out the other lens. The covers were also useful when it was raining. The pouches become vital if you don't have time to go back to your main bag to change gear. I like their extendable pouches for different length lenses. I did get the pouch for the 70-200 which was great as I could actually get my hand down in the pouch to pull out the lens. Some other brands their 70-200 canisters are too tight to take the lens out quickly. These skin pouches you can unzip the bottom to increase the depth of the pouch. Was useful for a 70-200 lens. And when depth wasn't required can zip up. The skins have lasted for years! Their belt is excellent, fabric is first class, comfortable, doesn't smell when you are sweating and the most importantly the buckle doesn't come undone when you are kneeling to take low angle shots, or the belt doesn't come loose as the tightening straps loosen. My lowe pro belt did that as my stomach pressed onto the buckle. I preferred using sling as the camera bodies where higher up my body, especially useful when the bodies had flashes mounted to them. Your side system probably doesn't work too well when speedlights are connected to the body and you need to move fast. With slings it is easier to push one body behind you to squeeze through gaps. I believe there are no many other slings on the market. Regarding looking like you are heading to a combat zone. most events you wear black attire so they know you are a photographer. I don't care what people think as long as i get the job done in an efficient manner and comfortable. Hope this helps

So it sounds like the skins are better than their lens changers if a person is looking for more compact.

Yes, the skins are great. But mine are V2. I have three of the same ones. I didn't bother with the one specifically for the 70-200 as I didn't mind it protruding very slightly from the other wider skin pouches.

I appreciate the feedback the belt system, but I already have one that works well for me.

That's good to find a system for your purpose. It all depends on what bodies you using and what lenses / speedlights.

My system was to carry 14-24 2.8, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, fisheye, 50 f1.4 lenses. I doubt I could your waist system for a 70-200 lens on the body (with sometimes speedlight attached). I would think the speedlight would hit the side of my leg, possibly snapping it. Also in heavy flash situations I had an external battery pack connected to the speedlight via extendable cord.

Would the 70-200 f2.8 lens clash with any pouches you add? But maybe you don't need this lens.

I recently go the belt system to try out, I have no had a chance to practice with speed lights yet.

While looks are somewhat important, it was more about being streamline enough to move easily in a crowd.

I found the two slings I could hold one body at the front, while my other arm pushes the other camera unit behind me and protected by my arm. I think your system with two side unit that cant retract you may end up bashing them into people. Also think how to shoot when you are kneeling with the speedlight attached to the body upside down. With my CarrySpeeds I have a front adjustment to pull up the camera unit higher up my body when I am kneeling.

In reality at any given time only one camera should be hanging, the other in the hand.

I personally don't prefer those ball joint attachments for the camera as I would need to look down each time to put it into the belt slot. When changing cameras rapidly, this in my opinion is awkward. But as I have never tried your system, I am just assuming:)

In terms of double slings some use the Black Rapid system. But most photographers I have seen (including Getties photographers) are old school and just one camera on each shoulder with the standard neck straps.

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