D700 spiritual successor?

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Re: D700 spiritual successor?

I a n wrote:

camerosity wrote:

In 2021 the D700 is an antique, end of discussion. If you like shooting with antique cameras, go for it!

Sure but as it stands now I have three fairly large pictures framed on my wall taken with my D700 that I would be proud of if I took them yesterday with a D700. A 12Mp camera can still get the job done. Sure there are better cameras now and more Mp available now. None of that changes the fact that you can get a very nice print from a D700.

Heck I have four shots on my wall that were taken with my old N80 on slide film so antique or not a camera in the hands of someone who can use, it can produce. They could in their day and they still can.

My wonderful D850 will be with me for a while and I appreciate its even better capabilities. I look forward to getting something taken with it on my wall too.

Yep, we all, some of us, took large 24x36 and bigger prints from the only 12mp D700/D3 back in the day that still look good even today.    Remember doing them with only 6mp DSLR's.

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