D700 spiritual successor?

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Re: D700 spiritual successor?

camerosity wrote:

It would be the Df. I've owned three D700 cameras and while they were great in 2008 when they appeared on the market, they are far from great now. The image quality of the D700 was great then because it had the same sensor as the D3, the flapship Nikon camera at the time. Same with the Df, it has the same sensor as the D4/D4s

The problem with the Df is that while it has the great pro D4/D4S sensor,  it has the pro-sumer exposure and autofocus system from the D6XX series.   Too bad they couldn't have fit D4's autofocus system into it.

. I find the image quality from the Df is still easily able to impress. And I like the ability to change settings more easily than most cameras that require a menu access or hold the button and spin the dial.

As long as it's not a sports or moving image. The pro-sumer D6XX af system isn't the best for fast moving/sports images.

Recently it seems like some posts on this forum have been lionizing the D700 to no end. It was a good camera, but not a *great* camera. The biggest flaw in the D700 is the viewfinder coverage is around 92 percent. This is NOT a feature ANY pro level camera should have, and it means you need to be ready to crop your images after the fact (unless you shoot in Live View, which does show the entire image captured).

I didn't realize until after the fact the D700 viewfinder was less than 100%.  It never effected my paid work images back in the day.  I do agree with you on that point.

In 2021 the D700 is an antique, end of discussion. If you like shooting with antique cameras, go for it! Personally I have no interest as the Df has better image quality and better handling (I don't have giant hands so the Df is a much better fit for me).\

If the D700 is considered an antique, so is the Df .   Handling is subjective, I prefer the D700 body and handling over the Df.   At least the D700 can shoot some sports, where as Df much less keepers.

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