Just put that D850 sensor (or better) in a pro body. P L E A S E

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Re: I agree too

camerosity wrote:

Bill Fagan wrote:

Plus the Dx series have a precise feeling that is missing from the D8xx's. No glitches, everything always works. I hate the fidgety loose feeling on the D850. Love the images though. If I have to use a hi rez camera all day I would definitely pay $7000 for a better tool. And it doesn't need to do 6fps. Just the better battery is a big deal. I used to do weddings with a D3 all the time.

Can you elaborate what you mean when you say fidgety loose feeling on the D850? I've owned one since May, 2019 and never felt it was fidgety or loose. Everything has just worked for me. Thanks.

Same here.  My D850 has the same solid feel as my D4 did.  Minus the built in battery grip.  Feels like a Dx series camera without the grip.

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