Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Stacked Sensor is the key to improved AF

DocRoc wrote:

I think the X-H2 should be a breakthrough camera for Fuji. The promise of the Fuji system is that it's possible to equal the general goodness of the FF systems with a smaller system.

The Nikon Z9 iis the game-Changer of 2020, so that is the camera Fujifilm should be looking closely at. The mechanical shutter is an expensive, over complex, mechanical system that is as dated now as flippy mirrors were in 2008 when Panasonic and Olympus made the leap.

A mini Z9 is what is needed, not an A7iv competitor

"A mini Z9 is what is needed".  Not necessarily so be careful as to what you are saying.

The Pros canikon and sony have come out with their (true) pro cameras.  People are not going to buy an "imitation" mini Z9.  And who is going to buy this mini Z9 Fuji camera?  How much of that is going to sell?  The more I look at the A7IV, it is actually a REALLY nice and well thought out camera with bloody insane AF that seats right in the middle, and is a FF at a reasonable price.  It will sell like hot cakes no doubt.  I might buy it.

What Fuji needs is the same thing, a really well thought out camera that will make a lot of people happy

The idea that there will or might be two separate different XH2 bodies makes me scared because that shows me that I will have to choose one of the other and regardless which one I pick something is going to be missing.  The funny thing is that for my photography needs I don't need more than 10FPS nor insane 8K, heck, not even 4K video capabilities, and that's why this Sony A7IV seems so attractive to me.  Again, we'll just have to keep waiting then I'll make a final decision.

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