Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: I'm not really waiting for a H2

KariP wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

Remember the Sony A7 III - with a release price of 1999 USD - it just crushed Fujifilm's dream of moving APS-C pricing up.

Fast forward to 2021 - A7 IV is out now and it has a release price of $2499 USD.

So some breathing room for an over $2K APS-C body from Fujifilm.

My "The Price is Right" guess for X-H2 pricing - $2199 with a stacked sensor.

Without a stacked sensor - it should be much cheaper.

I remember admiring H1 - and did not buy it because the price was rather (=too) high. In December 2019 i paid something like 1050€ for a new H1 camera body, grip, three batteries etc. I thought it was a bargain ... and it was. Camera is well made and nice to use.

The weight and sizeof the whole package started to disturb me later - i bought my first Fuji camera because it was closer to my "Leica dream" (X-E1 ). X-T1 was nor perfect. X-E3 has been a nice and small camera - the size was the thing IMO. E3 has travelled a lot.

Now i have used my Canon gear a lot and bought and sold some lens gear . R6 is not much bigger than H1 ... and when i have R6 + 70-200f4 + 24-105 in a comfortable shoulder bag... and i can use my EF lenses like 100-400 ... nice

I think H-series is quite special and fine , but there is something that disturbs me (this is very personal!!) . Size is one thing - of course H1 is built like a tank and that is perhaps a good thing - i just did not buy my very first Fujifilm camera ( E1 + 18-55) to get more metal and weight. My old Canon 7D with EF24-105 felt quite terribly heavy then.

To me and my photography (amateur of the worst kind) Canon FF is something that makes me feel almost like an artist or a serious nature photographer with a long lens . Of course just a feeling . IMO Fuji should make smaller - not heavier and bigger - cameras that would make me feel like a serious traveller travelling light, very light. Like some old master with some Leica in a coat pocket

Perhaps that is why i use two systems and try to limit my GAS

I agree to most of what you said. I also use m43 because it’s small, light and capable. Actually I wouldn’t respond to your message until I saw this photo and reminded me how good my xt3 and 70-300 performed for the same subject!!
Personally I didn’t like the XH2.. it was big, heavy and a bit slow responding both in interface and af.

But not this with H1

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