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Nwcid wrote:

Chris 222 wrote:

I hadn't checked PMG in quite a while and I'm surprised to see that they still don't make accessory pouches that just slide over the belt via a pass-through or loop.

What pro friends with multiple rigs do, is use a fanny/waist pack for extra lenses and accessories. Getting your stuff is super-quick, simply swing the pack around to your side or front.

My community has actually been testing a bunch of leading waist packs and I'll write an article with the results when we are done. Feel free to PM me

If I was using slings a was I can see a waist pack being very beneficial.

That would give you a totally tangled mess and make swing the waist pack around difficult or impossible.

My concern would be too many layers, belt in pants, camera belt, then adding waist belt.

I know what you mean.

This is a very personal thing but for me, having pants belts PLUS a heavy gear or tool belt has never worked. When I use the latter I always wear comfy pants with an elastic belt (tons of styles available there.)

As to the fanny pack, it doesn't interfere because it's worn several inches higher than the pants or gear belt (see R1 link below my siggy, Article 5.)

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