anybody find the differences between Q2-Mono and Q2 B&W mode?

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Re: anybody find the differences between Q2-Mono and Q2 B&W mode?

brick33308 wrote:

NickDakota wrote:

Main difference is in low light. The Q2 isn't great at high iso. The Q2M is. If you don't shoot high iso, you won't see a difference.

For what it's worth . . . I took my Q2 to a wedding last week. The reception was low light. I set ISO at auto with a cap at 3200, and in post still had to pump up exposure after running the whole batch of raw images through DXO Pure Raw.

NOBODY can objectively say that these Q2 images are or are not acceptable. You be the judge of whether these images do or don't meet your criteria. For my purposes, since I can't afford both the Q2 and the Q2M, and I yes (the horrors) I still want the option of shooting color now and then even though I love b/w, for me these images are perfectly acceptable despite the highly touted ISO superiority of the Q2M over the Q2.

Those Q2 images converted to B&W that you posted are more than acceptable, they are actually quite good. I myself have gotten many excellent B&W images from my Q2, SL and CL. It was only after I talked myself into buying a Q2M that I saw the difference and fell in love with it. For most people, the difference is not worth the cost. I fully understand that. But for those who can afford it and who really care about B&W photography, I'm confident that they will not be disappointed. It is hard to find used Q2Ms and M10Ms for sale, and that is the reason why.

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