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Nwcid wrote:

As business is picking up I finally got my dual, matching bodies. In the past I had a primary camera FX and my "backup" or times I really need a second body DX body.

In the past I mostly kept my primary camera on a short tether hooked to the left shoulder strap of a sling bag. In the sling bag I was able to carry a lens or two or whatever extra gear I thought I might need shooting an event. Everything else stayed in my main bag and I would get items as/if needed. If I used my second body it would get slung on my right side. Ultimately this was very cumbersome.

After working with a photographer that used a belt system I decided to try one. I went with the Promedia set, SH1BK2 Dual Camera Belt Holster System for DSLRs and Mirrorless Camera and then built my own belt that met my needs. Typically I will have the traditional 24-70 on one body and 70-200 on the other.

Now that I will not be carrying the sling bag anymore I am trying to decide what the best way is to carry 1-2 lenses (primes likely a 50mm or 85mm), or a flash, or water bottle or whatever else I might want. I do not need a dedicated pouch for each item but maybe 1 or 2 pouches that are "universal". On the flip side I don't want to feel over loaded or look ridiculous while so wide/round that I run into everything.

So far I am looking at 3 types of systems and they are not really the same:
1. Peak Design Lens Kit, but they do not make a Z mount yet. I also have some concerns about damage to the mount, or stuff falling into the open side while in the up position.
2. Think Tank either Skin or Lens Changer likely in the 50 and 75 series for versatility. The pro of this they are dedicated lens bags, but I read they are fairly bulky.
3. What is called a dump bag in tactical gear. They come in various sizes. What I like about this is that they are intended to be rolled/folded up fairly small when not in use.

Is there a system I am missing that might fit my need. What are you experience using any of these systems.

I hadn't checked PMG in quite a while and I'm surprised to see that they still don't make accessory pouches that just slide over the belt via a pass-through or loop.

What pro friends with multiple rigs do, is use a fanny/waist pack for extra lenses and accessories. Getting your stuff is super-quick, simply swing the pack around to your side or front.

My community has actually been testing a bunch of leading waist packs and I'll write an article with the results when we are done. Feel free to PM me

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