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Re: Pro Neg (STD) vs Eterna for portraits and general shooting -

KAAMBIC wrote:

Disclosure, i shoot Sim bracketing 99% of the time and it works great with my shooting style. So after i figured out the sims i preferred most, i ended up using Eterna which i tend to like most for skin tones, Provia for anything not human skin prioritized, and Acros to have a B&W version.

Shot like this for most of this year and really liked the results. I recently saw a few CC shots online and wanted to try it out as maybe a replacement of Provia, not sure yet but i think i like CC more. Since then i decided to look again at the list now that i know Fuji a little better and reevaluate.

Then i saw Pro Neg and was like hmm. Best i can tell it's nearly identical to Eterna with a bit more contrast which gives it a bit more retro look , which is welcome as long as the skin tones are still nice n smooth. I've only spent a few minutes playing around this evening but i think im gonna like it for my go-to for portraits.

Curious of opinions with people, what do you use most for what. Forget what each sim is "supposed" to be good for, people have their own ideas and im interested in that more. Feel free to post examples of sims you like and why, or times you didn't like the results.

I normally use either Astia

or Pro Neg

In the meantime I prefer Pro Neg for most of my portraits

Best regards

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