Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial digital image inlarging question.

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Re: Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial digital image inlarging question.

ppage wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Images altered in any way should not be presentable in court, news media, or any other purpose of that type.

What if the photographer shot in raw? Just converting the image to any viewable format (jpeg, tiff, whatever) alters the image.

Major difference between bringing out details that are ALREADY in the raw file, compared to ADDING PIXELS to an image based solely on what the software interprets.

Processing a raw file is not adding pixels that the camera did not capture.  It (raw file) is simply an unprocessed file that the camera itself applied no adjustments to, like sharpening, white balance, tint, shadows, highlights, etc, etc.   Interpolation is the act of ADDING pixels to a file that is too small.   When you take a very small image, and try to increase the size of that file to say 8x10, you may need to add a million pixels that the software itself creates.   Those pixels being added are completely subject to the interpolation method being used, and "could" create an image that is simply no longer accurate.

In this case, the Prosecutors are trying to take a very small cropped part of an image, and enlarge it, and trying to prove that Mr. Rittenhouse had a gun in his hand and pointing it at someone.    Of course, it would require all of us to look at the original image, and the enlarged images to see how much the interpolation changed the photos.   We are not afforded those options though.

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