Is there a place to see titles of new posts?

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Re: Is there a place to see titles of new posts?

alcelc wrote:

Nwcid wrote:

I am another, yes new member, that finds this frustrating.

I can't think of another forum I am on that does not have some sort of "new posts" function.

Yes I know I can go into each section and see what is new, but there appears to be around 40 sub forums.

One of the main things I like about the see all new posts is that often topics show up that I find interesting, but might not be in a sub forum that I would normally look at.

I am shooting with Panasonic cameras, so am active on M43 forum as well as Panasonic Compact Forum to learn/share the experience/knowledge or to help in case if I can. Since there might be something interesting on general photographing matter, so shall also check Open Talk Forum frequently. As many new Panasonic users might asked on Beginner Forum, or some general matters that I think I might help, so I visit it too. Travelling is one of my key shooting event, naturally I shall visit Travelling and Landscape Forum often.

How about the Nikon Forum? Not shooting with Nikon gear anymore after moving to digital. I had once visited Nikon 1 Forum to look for the possibility to move to use Nikon 1, no more now. As Samsung was among the earliest mirrorless system so had visited there too to learn how other mirrorless system do. Again not visit it after Samsung left the market. I do not have interest on Canon, Fuji nor Pentax. I had bad experience on Sony camera and have no interest to study it too.

What I want to say is, although there are many sub forums under DPR, I would not have interest on everything? As a matter of fact, not every sub forum is busy as a few others. I can imagine that just click on it and you would leave very quickly.

I would spend more of my time to shoot rather than just sitting in front of my computer and hopping around forums not interest to me.

Then it sounds like the way these forums are set up are perfect for the way you use them. I am glad they work so well for you.

Others would like to use it in other ways.

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