Z7ii and EVF Blackout help!

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Re: Z7ii and EVF Blackout help!

Bonou2 wrote:

Hey Guys ,

This is a question predominately for portrait off camera strobe ( Elinchroms - ring flash - triggered via two Pocket wizards ) shooters.

I recently switched from my D810 to a Z7ii and one thing i’m really struggling with is the way the EVF works on mirrorless.

I find the constant blackout so disrupting to my shooting style and it’s completely frustrating me at present.

Are there any settings i can use to at least alleviate the blackout? Like sometimes after reviewing the shot back of camera and i place my eye straight back up to the EVF and it won’t display a live view of my model. Other times it’s showing me the shot before and hasn’t refreshed back to a live EVF view etc etc It’s driving me insane.

Surely i’m not the only portrait off camera flash photographer who is experiencing this issue. It make me wonder what the major benefits are of moving to a mirroless system.

I just want my old Dslr viewfinder back!

What you're describing does not sound like "EVF blackout" to me.

It sounds like you are in Preview mode and need to press your focus button to get back to shooting. That is no different than how the DSLRs operated.

Unless there is more to the story (possible), that's all we can read from your post.

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