Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

dhaas wrote:

I tired of hauling multiple lenses, flashes, etc. as sensor improvements and how photos are viewed changed. Improvements in printing from coffee table books to prints advanced too.

In 2015 I sold my last ILC camera (Canon SL1, multiple lenses, flashes, etc. I also sold my underwater housings , strobes and accessories due to the travel burden of it all.

My move from a Canon G7X II to the Sony RX100 M7 was my Africa safari last August. A longer optical lens range, Sony's Clear Image Zoom feature and DPAF from Sony's high end mirrorless SLRs influenced me.

As I've posted previously The RX100 M7 more than filled my need!

Last month shooting my RX100 M7 underwater with humpback whales in Moorea' French Polynesia worked for me.

I confess to still reading and lusting a bit for ILC cameras, lenses, etc. But the $$$$ and thought of hauling it all fades quickly

I think you have summed it up well, and you have posted photos from your trips that back it up.

I have some very nice FF equipment and lenses, including an A7C and an A7RIV, and I love playing around with them and seeing what the high resolution A7RIV can capture with a good lens, and it is fun to lust after lenses, etc. However, when I travel, I just don't wan't to carry all the lenses and accessories and bodies, unless it is absolutely necessary (like a winter trip I took to Finland to shoot aurora, including real time video, in which FF and a fast wide angle lens was pretty much mandatory).

I shoot both stills and video, and I am very happy with the RX100VII and the RX10IV (when I need substantially more reach) for my needs when traveling. I travel to experience and see things and to bring back photo and video memories. I don't travel specifically to use a camera - I simply use a camera when I travel, and don't won't the camera to interfere with my travel.

My wife and I are doing a Madagascar and Botswana trip in 2022. I plan on bringing the RX100VII, which I'll use most of the time, and the RX10IV, for when I need more reach - perhaps for distant lemurs in Madacasgar, etc. I'll also bring a GoPro Hero 9 for stabilized video in wet conditions. For such a once in a lifetime trip, I'm tempted to bring the FF equipment, but I know it won't really produce better results for my needs, and I'll be playing around with changing lenses, etc., instead of enjoying myself.

I have numerous 8X10 metal prints hanging on the walls taken from travels around the world, some with 1" sensor cameras, and some with 1/2.3" sensor cameras. When I walk past them, I never think, "Gee, I wish that I had taken that with a FF camera.", but instead think, "What a wonderful memory of a great trip."

You have the right attitude and have produced excellent results with a Sony 1" sensor camera.

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