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Re: FW 1.0 to 3.4. Great but why the 3 year wait?

Marlin Roberts wrote:

I don't entirely disagree. In fact, I have found myself championing a similar position on occasion. I agree that Agile done right takes the right management and mindset. I do think though, that it has a place and when done right it can produce great results. But I have been involved in some "frAgile" projects as well...

Not that I am saying the first round of FW for the i series cameras was a great result or that Nikon is necessarily a proponent of Agile dev. The FW might not have met the "minimum viable product" criteria as I understand it, but that depends on what they were targeting for functionality.

I think a lot of the issues are "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" - so developers do intend to fix bugs - but doing new things is more fun. Then Time sneaks up on them and a new product is close and resources gets moved. Fun features never finished and bugs galore.

In my old job - we had semi-Agile development profile. But Nov/Dec was always setup to "code cleanup and bug fix" time. Nothing else could happen unless all filed bug reports was cleared out. 40% of bonus payments was based on those two months. Big issues was of course fixed during the whole of the year. But it covered all the little nagging issues.

That worked wonders as EVERYBODY was in the same boat and fixing bugs across all 10-12 teams. So no (read as not so many) distractions from people on another project "gloating" about new features they came up with.

And once a team had  finished to "End-User" satisfaction - they had free hands for the time there was left to do any project extension they wanted.

Of course nothing is ever perfect but it kept quality high and user satisfaction very high.

It did also lead to a couple of teams being very smart and had clean and almost bug free code at the start.  They then had almost 2 months to do fun extensions in. Very productive...

But it is a hard period for the management ...

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