Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

Ed B wrote:

RussellP wrote:

What I am fighting at the moment is the feeling that the RX100 is just a bit too small.

That's my biggest complaint about the RX100 series cameras.

They certainly never compromised on the amazingly small package, and the chic aspect.

I do intensely value the small size and great quality though, I think that was a genuine market changer (e.g. over the Nikon 1), and I've been willing to overcome the ergonomics.

I'd have been very willing to trade a bit of size for some better ergonomics (wheels, buttons, full touchscreen), and I've got a whole shopping list of what I'd have liked it to become - but I don't think I was ever in their core market for the camera, much as I've loved it. And, sadly I'm not in their market for replacement, because of the price escalation. I also don't expect to see any significant changes to the package or the price, but this is life.

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