Do you miss larger sensors?

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Guy Parsons
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No, but....

No, I do not miss larger sensors than the 1" in the RX100M6.

But, I do miss the lenses available to me in my mess of M4/3 gear. Its slightly larger sensor does give some advantages, but not enough to abandon one for the other.

RX100M6 = great for a lightweight kit for any trip, but miss those wide angle shots and the occasional fisheye suitable shot.

One holiday with only the RX100M6 entirely successful.

Next holiday with RX100M6 plus Olympus E-P5 with its 8-18mm lens, so now I could cover from "16mm to 200mm" with ease and nice to carry setup. Ideal.

As for the "lack of aperture" of the RX100M6 I find that not a problem, recent DeepPRIME reprocessing of some older shots taken at ISO 6400 made them quite respectable so fear of high ISO has dramatically faded.

As for sensor sizes in general, I will happily use any in the house ranging through 1/2.3", 1/1.7", 1" and 4/3".  When used under the appropriate light conditions it is usually hard to tell which camera took which shot when all displayed as full screen on monitor or TV.

OK, I do sometimes like to peek at detail, so something like a 50MP FF sensibly small body with a 20-80mm small aperture zoom would make me interested to buy just for curiosity's sake. But very unlikely to appear before I fall off the twig.

My always carried kit...

RX100M6 snug as a bug in its rug. Spare battery and card in the internal lid pocket.

Shown here in P mode, but usually in A mode and increasingly now seen in MR mode.

The last trip add-on which did most of the wide stuff...

Olympus E-P5 + 8-18mm, also 7.5mm fisheye, and 12-32mm lenses, plus small flash and a spare battery.

The two extra lenses live in the nose of the snoot bag and the camera sits sideways like that on a sewn-in shelf above the lenses. Flash and battery and misc in the front pocket.

Of those lenses the 8-18mm did most of the work, the fisheye did very few shots, the 12-32mm never got used, because the RX100M6 was always there to more readily and easily cover the "24-200mm" band.

If some pesky alien beamed up all my camera gear, the first thing I would buy is another RX100M6 or maybe RX100M7 if cheaper, as it is right now in Australia. Bigger sensors would need to wait for more thought before buying them again.

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