Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

Last ASP-C was Canon Rebel XT... ended up with Sony cybershot like 5 years ago ?(RX100M5- whenever that came out)

I just picked up the Sony ZV-E10 (APS-C) to get back into APS-C...

Everything they say is true about rolling shutter with it. I knew that going in. Not really bothered by it, not my style of shooting. PIcked up some short range lenses which do very nicely. Who knows when Sony will BSI that line of cameras. If and when they do - I might go for an updated A6600 type model. No sense in going full frame - don't want the weight.

I still have my RX10IV, and use it for distance.

But I also love my RX0M2. Can't beat the form factor/quality either.

So enjoying both worlds!!

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