Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

Rambow wrote:

Sometimes i want(it's desire, not need) a camera with a larger sensor than my rx100s, but whenever i get one i am reminded of all the hassle that goes with it(figuring out what lens to get, what lenses i can afford, where to get them from etc).

The a6xxx series are very nice, smallish cameras, with great IQ and better build quality, but unless the kit lens makes you happy, getting one involves further investments down the line.

Even if you buy 2-3 lenses you need, it only means you have to carry more stuff around whenever you want to go out and shoot. Sometimes it feels like being shackled to a steel ball, like they did with prisoniers 100 years ago.

Now, the rx100 VII for example costs more than a a6000 and has a much smaller sensor, the difference in DoF is very much apparent with these smaller sensors. There is also more noise. Some will say that's a bad deal.

But the thing is.... Once you buy the rx100 variant you want or afford, you are ready to shoot whatever you want. No additional costs are required.

With the M7 i can shoot a very broad range of subjects without changing the lens or worrying about sharpness. Even at 200mm, its least sharp point, the M7 is still sharper than a canon 55-250 IS II for example. And that lens alone is huge when compared with the rx100 pocket rocket.

You don't get something for nothing. If i never left my house a dslr or mirrorless kit would have made more sense(maybe!), but once you get accustomed to a smaller camera and the IQ is there, going back to "real" cameras feels like a downgrade. You get 10-15% improvement in IQ(maybe), but have to carry 400% more weight and volume.

From a practical perspective, having an rx100 camera in my pocket simply makes a lot more sense than wondering if i should grab and carry a larger camera and lens combo everytime i leave the house.

Maybe i should buy an older nex camera and switch it on every time i'm in the mood for apsc, but it would just end up sitting unused on a shelf, and i hate that. Cameras are for taking pictures.

Do you ever feel the need for a larger sensor/camera when using your rx camera? Do you have a second camera or is the rx the backup solution when you don't feel like carrying more weight?

I own an RX10 (I) and an RX100 II. I'm ok with the sensors, I just wish they had better image stabilization and autofocus.

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