Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

As a relatively new Sony compact user since June 2021 I did so after decades of hauling SLRs around.

I owned numerous SLRs then DSLRs and a few Canon fixed lens compacts from Canon G1X to 1" sensor G7X and G7X II models.

The last 10 years I pored over specs of new fixed lens compacts with a "less is more" approach.

I tired of hauling multiple lenses, flashes, etc. as sensor improvements and how photos are viewed changed. Improvements in printing from coffee table books to prints advanced too.

In 2015 I sold my last ILC camera (Canon SL1, multiple lenses, flashes, etc. I also sold my underwater housings , strobes and accessories due to the travel burden of it all.

My move from a Canon G7X II to the Sony RX100 M7 was my Africa safari last August. A longer optical lens range, Sony's Clear Image Zoom feature and DPAF from Sony's high end mirrorless SLRs influenced me.

As I've posted previously The RX100 M7 more than filled my need!

Last month shooting my RX100 M7 underwater with humpback whales in Moorea' French Polynesia worked for me.

I confess to still reading and lusting a bit for ILC cameras, lenses, etc. But the $$$$ and thought of hauling it all fades quickly

Finally, a friend who liked some of my whale and Africa pics asked about decorating his place with them. Shown below are photos he selected and his layout that will fill 8.5' X 4'  of wall space!

Surprisingly, I had recently re-edited the two Africa photos using Snapseed on my iPhone too (!!!!)

ONE NOTE: I just noticed the lion shot was actually captured with the other compact I took to Africa; a Canon G7X II.  I've posted other lion shots using my Sony RX100 M7 which is all I own now.

If the RX100 M7 is good enough for someone to pay me for printing and displaying my images I doubt I'll want to haul more gear ever again.

Humpback whales Moorea' French Polynesia edited with Snapseed on my iPhone.

Botswana Savuti' lion edited with Snapseed on my iPhone.

Botswana elephants edited with Snapseed on my iPhone.

Decorating layout measuring 8.5' X 4' tall (!!!!)

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