Do you miss larger sensors?

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I don't have to miss anything

Rambow wrote:

Do you ever feel the need for a larger sensor/camera when using your rx camera?

Depends entirely on my purposes. Sometimes I even feel the need for a smaller sensor camera (with a longer lens).

Do you have a second camera or is the rx the backup solution when you don't feel like carrying more weight?

Aside from my RX100III, I have three other cameras that get used frequently with sensor sizes equal to, larger than, and smaller than 1". Any can be considered backup for the others depending on the purpose.

Two of them are ILCs because a range of lenses can make the difference between satisfaction and disappointment.

Even if you buy 2-3 lenses you need, it only means you have to carry more stuff around whenever you want to go out and shoot. Sometimes it feels like being shackled to a steel ball, like they did with prisoniers 100 years ago.

Once you buy the rx100 variant you want or afford, you are ready to shoot whatever you want.

Those statements aren't facts. They're exaggerations based on personal requirements and expectations. Although the RX100 series are very useful cameras, a small ILC can do things with a single lens that can't be equaled with any RX100 variant.

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