D850 For Landscapes ?

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Re: D850 For Landscapes ?

proudestmonkey wrote:

After reading through this thread, my answer changed. At first, I was going to say, D850 is better due to OVF and wider selection of lenses. Now, I would say, if you don't already have a landscape camera, seriously consider the Z over a DSLR. I realize that my initial answer was due to the bias of already owning a D850 and my own ignorance about the difference in quality between F Mount and Z Mount lenses (assuming what others are saying here is correct--that Nikon has released several Z Mount lenses which are better than their F Mount equivalents).

I have no intention of buying a Z camera. My D850 is more then sufficient for my purposes. I also plan to keep my D850 for a long time because I am already heavily invested in that system with the lenses I own, which again, are good enough for me.

I would agree.

The other issue. Take images, processed the same with the same settings from a 45mp Z camera with Z pro glass and a 45mp D850 with F mount pro glass, blow them up to 24x36 or bigger, you will not see a noticeable difference. The Z mount ones will not be better, except in extreme pixel peepers over exaggerated test results that will show you the Z lens is so much better, when in reality it isn't.

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