Why Nikon FX SLR users are still not excited ?

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Re: Why Nikon FX SLR users are still not excited ?

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I have checked various FX forums and found lack of energy and excitement in FX F mount user even after Z9 release. This despite the fact that its exceeding the competition in many departments. There are reports that even F mount lenses are performing seamlessly with new FTZ adapter.

nikon has only the D6 mirrorless replacement , the Z9. Put that processor and af system on Z7, Z6, Z5 and Z50 . then I'll get excited.

You mean the way they put the D5 AF into the D750, D610 and D7500?

D750, D610 and D7500 do not have D5 AF.  The D850 has D5's AF system.

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