Free Version 5.0, Purple fringing & Web sftware available

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Re: Free Version 5.0, Purple fringing & Web sftware available

The purple fringing fix is in the Filter section.

There is a manual.htm that comes with the .zip file which explains how to
use it.

basically, browse to the directory with your pics in, press the add button, select a image in the list you want to remove the purple fringing from and press the filter button.

Select one of the purple fringe filters and press apply.

The output image will be placed where the original was and the original moved to the backup sub directory.

JoshuaB wrote:

Caunt wrote:

Hi Ian,

I see no-one has replied yet. I'd like to try out your software,
but your site posed some difficulties! First it appeared to have
no links, but I found the links finally by moving my mouse around
(seems to be a color problem). But when I got the the page that
had the Zip link, I kept getting a 404 message..not found.

I was able to download the zip file from but don't
see which files pertain to the purple fringing fix.

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