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Japanese help

Le Chef wrote:

“Unnecessarily heavy” sums up why this is not a camera for street photography and not that great if you’re lugging it up a mountain for landscape photography either.

It’s a shame that camera manufacturers have not embraced the “Just add lightness” ethos of Colin Chapman of Lotus fame. Where could weight be taken out of full frame cameras like this without reducing their robustness?

Leica used to make compact full frame SLRs in the past. Was the norm in the eighties and nineties when R4 to R7 cameras were almost as compact as Leica Ms. Leica needed some Japanese help though (Minolta) and later "pure" Leica R8 and R9 bodies were significantly bulkier. If history repeats itself a Japanese help will come again from Panasonic or Sigma to make some clones of S5 or SP cameras.

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