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Re: Ricoh GS-2 Wrist Strap

ViMa wrote:

Starny wrote:

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Well as you asked.

From my point of view and use it looks completely mismatched to the camera. Would be complete and under hindrance for the way i use the GR and its made of leather so i hate it.

Nothing more than the supplied lightweight, small flexible wrist strap is needed imo.

Your comments are appreciated, as always.

We'll see how it goes. I may end up going back to the original, use one of the incoming from Amazon, or, dare I say it, possibly even a neck strap!

I used the stock wrist strap from the box for a while, then removed it and added a thumb grip, then removed that too and went "naked" for quite a while.

There's nothing wrong with a neck strap despite what some people here will say. It doesn't lend itself to snap shooting unless you remove it fully all the time.

I have a Gordy's long strap I use as a sling, with quick release, and a Gordy's wrist strap with quick release, from my Fujifilm days. Now I use the IIIx with the OVF like a "normal" camera rather than a snap shooter, I'm thinking of adding a couple of strings with rings at the end and using the shoulder, wrist and nothing options depending on use.

Excellent reply Vittorio.

I shot 100 photos on Sunday using a cheap Amazon Basics case with the strap on and carried it as a sling with the strap on my left shoulder and case/camera on my front right hip.  I let the wrist strap just hang out of the side.  Worked well and the bag can be mostly closed to keep out dust between shooting.

I've seen a number of videos with people using the JJC thumb rest but it looks like it would get in the way of the mode dial to me, and others have stated that it's hard to get back out of a pocket with it on.  The camera is so light that while it may be somewhat beneficial for holding the camera, I don't see an overall gain to adding it.  Am I wrong?

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