Ricoh GS-2 Wrist Strap

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Re: Ricoh GS-2 Wrist Strap

Starny wrote:

maltmoose wrote:

Well as you asked.

From my point of view and use it looks completely mismatched to the camera. Would be complete and under hindrance for the way i use the GR and its made of leather so i hate it.

Nothing more than the supplied lightweight, small flexible wrist strap is needed imo.

Your comments are appreciated, as always.

We'll see how it goes. I may end up going back to the original, use one of the incoming from Amazon, or, dare I say it, possibly even a neck strap!

We are all different so do what works for you. Whilst i would never previously have used a neck strap for gr, im now using 2 gr,s so at an event one camera round the neck might be useful for me. Jacket pockets work fine though for me.

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