Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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Re: Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

FuhTeng wrote:

The sensor of the Z9 is the key, we all know this. That rapid readout is astonishing. Sure, let the Z9 be the new Nikon flagship. But would Nikon really let DSLRs wither on the vine? The entire F-mount history of the company just go out silently after the D6? I don't believe it.

And I love my D850.

What if Nikon's simply waiting for the Z9 hype to settle down before finally unveiling their last FX DSLR (and I really hope they just come out and say it is the last, rather than just disappearing into the night like Samsung).

They already have the pieces, they already have the userbase to buy it, so let's make a super DSLR, what the D780 wishes it could be -

D6 AF (no other DSLR coming so let's just spread that cost out over another body) with all customization

Z7 II sensor (Z9 sensor will be in enormous demand for months, Z7 II is fabulous for everything but fast action and high-resolution video)

D850 body with whatever D6 usability tools will improve it like customizability and rapid settings swaps

Perhaps even that hybrid OVF/EVF I've seen rumored for years and years.

Call it the D900 and price it at $3500 or even $3800. I bet it'd do just fine.

I think every month that goes by without a D500 replacement means there's less chance of an F-mount D500 replacement. Perhaps an APS-C-sized slice of the Z9 sensor will be in a Z90 but I'm skeptical of that too.

I try no to post here anymore for the very reason others like Thom Hogan have stopped doing so also. Heres my thoughts:

Mirrorless main astonishing point is the AF speed and accuracy. I don't presume to know if this is possible but what if Nikon makes a DSLR with the same AF speed and accuracy?

I believe that if that happens people will upgrade DSLRS in mass. However Nikon and Canon really want to get people to believe in a digital revolution as in the days of the DSLR when introduced. Meaning new lenses, new cameras for everyone naturally for them equalling for sales.

But yeah I don't think Nikon will dump DSLRS because of the heritage and theres a chance they may enhance AF accuracy to close to or equal to mirrorless because its just too good a business also because of the heritage it has.

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