Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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shuncheung wrote:

Bill Ferris wrote:

If the pre-order rumors are anything close to accurate, photographers are more excited about the Z9 than any Nikon body since the D850. If anything, Nikon will leverage that enthusiasm by making an announcement - perhaps by the end of this calendar year - that the Z8 is in development and coming in 2022. Reassuring photographers that Z9 capability will be designed into downmarket products is the #1 thing Nikon can do to leverage the Z9 hype.

There is only a month and half left in 2021, and Nikon won't start shipping the Z9 until at least mid December. There is no better way to stop their own Z9's momentum to announce some "Z8" is coming with most of Z9's features but less expensive. Or announce another DSLR money loser when the world has moved to mirrorless. Either move would be a major shot in their own foot.

The world hasn't moved to mirrorless, most especially Nikon's world. Nikon and the other manufacturers may have transitioned to ML, but the number of DSLRs in use drastically outweigh ML bodies of Dx or Fx construction. At this point, even if Nikon were so inclined, DSLRs are such a mature product and the f mount lens system is so expansive, that they would be foolish to even throw them a sideways glance right now. Nikon is still years (and years) from matching the 200 f2, 300 2.8, 500 f4, 600 f4, 800 f5.6, 300 Pf and 500 Pf in Zee mount. Throw in 105 1.4 and a few other shorter lengths and you can add some more years.

In the Nikon ecosystem, the Z9 is the first ML worth a look for someone considering switching systems and shoots a variety of subjects including things that move. FW release after FW release, and you still hear "when are we getting another one? " There's most likely one running in the Zee thread now.

So while you may want to justify your purchase by dissing DSLRs, until the Z9 is in stores, and it is what's promised, and what it's hyped to be by ambassadors and other reviewers, you have nothing to justify your comments. I could see if you were talking Sony or even Canon, but Nikon has nothing in the market right now that touches a D850, D500, D5. Nothing.

And I may buy a Z9. Or Alpha 1. But on this date, nothing changes what I said above.

The only new DSLR Nikon may announce in the future are those anniversary model, special edition type, ALA Leica. But even that is getting unlikely. Nikon already have the retro Zfc. Perhaps that will make an FX version.

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