The end?

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Speaking of both, I think Canon will do a M50 Mark III with a 90D sensor, someday, just because they can (parts exist to swap out) and the demand is there still for the M50.

Yes. I too hope that they will upgrade the sensor in M50 too. The M50 is still quite popular for both video/vlogging as well as still photography. But it might take quite some time before they do it.

In my view, Canon has 3 tiers for their ILC camera. The EOS R series is the top tier (equivalent to the EOS XD series, mostly full frame except the 7D). The ESO M5 & M6 is the midrange tier (equivalent to the EOS XXD series, aps-c sensors but with more control). The ESO M50 belong to the lower tier (equivalent to the EOS XXXD Rebel series, aps-c sensors). So far, the 32mp sensor is only limited to the midrange tier. And it might take some time before they introduce it into the lower tier.

G7X IV? Demand is there, but parts? They'd need to do their own 1" DPAF sensor. They can now though, but this may be some time as the R3 and upcoming R1 will tax the new fabrication process for the stacked CMOS bunch.

Agreed. I guess that they should be busy with the development of R1 and will not have the resources to come out with new 1" DPAF sensor. The other way is to stand out among the competition is to introduce some other innovative features. Something like introducing a sim card slot (5G connectivity) for the G7X IV to improve the livestreaming capability? I think the G7X III has livestreaming capability but is limited by the connection speed.

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