Nikon D4 high shutter count : 385.000 actuations

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Re: Thread three years old !!

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patricksmith32 wrote:

I would never pay that amount for that high shutter count regardless of some few people getting lucky with D4’s reaching more than 500K. I sold my like new D4 with 110,000 shutter count about a year ago for $1200 USD. You can find a D4s here for around $1600-$2200 USD. So factoring in the cost of a new shutter which is $650 USD here in the states is a terrible deal. You could’ve bought a clean D4s instead of this worn out D4 for the same cost. Do NOT buy that camera it’s a terrible deal and repairs are very likely. I would only buy one with 150,000 or less, because then you don’t need to worry about the shutter as much, or that it’s been used too much. Most people don’t use these in a studio so higher the shutter count usually higher the amount of abuse!

That shutter is probably fossilized by now ....... due to age ........

What do you mean by “fossilised “? Can the shutter just die because it’s old, even if the camera is keeped in great storage and condition?

I ask because I’ve just purchased a D4 with only 256 photos (not 256 thousand) , yes just 256. The camera is in brand new condition and not even a piece of dust on it.

but now you got me worried.😕

Don't be

You're probably perfectly fine.

There are occasions where lubricants can become stiff and cause issues, but I believe that with the type/amount used in your camera would not be an issue.  If it works when you get it I see no reason to suspect it's gonna stop suddenly

Assuming of course it is indeed low mileage and not just a shutter replaced by Nikon, which on occasion has been reported as causing an actuation count reset.

look forward to you answer 👍

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