GFX 100S no availability anywhere?

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Re: GFX 100S no availability anywhere?

JimKasson wrote:

sonic123 wrote:

Hello, I might be up to a scolding from you. I hesitated between the GFX 100S and the 50SII while there were just a few 100S cameras available, and instead bought a GFX 50S II with the kit lens. I am so amazed at the quality photos you can get that GAS got me, and now I'm thinking how better those photos could be with the 100S, including cropping and macro photos. Anyway, I'm able to return it and instead get a 100S, the problem is that now there is no availability to buy it as new. I "bought" a new one at, but they don't have an estimated delivery date and I can cancel any time. I don't know for sure how long could the wait be. Likewise, I saw at that they (Amazon Warehouse) are selling one used in "very good" condition, with no shutter count, for $500 less. Condition says the generic: "Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged."

Is getting a good camera from Amazon Warehouse like playing lottery? Could the camera come damaged or with some internal defects et al? Was it a return from a customer because it had something bad of if that was the case would Amazon said "refurbished"? That's a lot of what if scenarios.

Would you wait to get a new one, being that nobody knows when those 100S will be back on the market? Thank you!

If it comes with a full Fujifilm warranty, I'd go fo it.

Thank you for your answer. Coming from a wise man like you, I'm sure is good advice. Why I say these? Not only for reading all your answers in other posts but because when I asked should I go for the 100S or the 50SII you said go with the 100S, but I was hesitant because I thought I should try the less expensive one (the 50S II) to see if the change to a medium format camera with its big dimensions, bigger lenses was worth it for the image quality you would get and with just the first photos I took with the 50S II to the same objects and same place I know by heart that I test my other cameras I could see the difference right away. I don't know if it is a placebo effect, but when I printed the photos I took with the 50S II, I could clearly see how different those photos were. More depth, more colors, more fullness, I don't know.

If I listened to you the first time I could now be enjoying the 100S...

P.S. Too late, the camera from Amazon Warehouse is already gone...

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