Suggestions for external flash and Android ?

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Re: Suggestions for external flash and Android ?

Kumsa wrote:


Thanks ! CPFlash is definitely an option, and you've showcased it's value. Also, congrats on keeping on the good fight and adopting to changes. Nice shots.

You are welcome Kumsa, 
I haven't had the time to shoot for the last 8 months, unlike last year when we had nothing to do in the office, now its very different we have been so busy.
I love photography , for the last 40 years it has been my hobby and I love Off Camera Flash photography, Now that I can only use my smartphone because of my medical problem , I don't want to sacrifice my shooting output. And honestly the CPFlash fit my needs perfectly. I am achieving excellent photos (my personal opinion)  just like my DSLR Days and I have printed them A3+ (13"X19") and smartphones do deliver. 
Here are some more shots just to show the capability of the CPFlash 550W. BTW all the shots were only very slightly edited.

Taken with 4 CPFLASH. 1 Master and 3 slaves.

Taken with a 2 CPFLASH . One CPFlash to light up the face, the second CPFlash as a slave with a blue filter to light up the background.

Taken in a Bazaar with a single CPFlash use as a hair light.

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