Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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Re: Why did you choose mirrorless ?

I didn't...

To me it's kind of the difference between a manual shift car, and a car with automatic transmission... sure the automatic transmission makes things easier but if you enjoy shifting gears and don't mind the work at all, it's really not an issue.

In the end, both will get you where you want to go and the potential for the end result is exactly the same for both. Same applies to mirrorless and DSLRs, it's the sensor output and your PP skills (or the JPEG engine) that will determine the final result - not having or not having a mirror that gets out of the way when you are taking the picture anyway (in that sense, the DSLR goes "mirrorless" right when taking the picture).

For any critical work I like to focus manually so the AF tuning issues, which are a valid point I think, don't really apply here.

So what is left is the size issue (Pentax makes small enough bodies and I like APS-C so no big FF cameras here). And the OVF vs EVF, and while I can see that the EVF has a lot of advantages, I just like to look through an OVF as my photography is quite simple - see light falling on a subject, compose, make sure exposure is right, and shoot.

To me mirrorless and DSLRs are quite alike in function... so the issue is a bit overblown. If all I had was a mirrorless, or a large sensor P&S, I would just use that and make it work.

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