4:3 format in the cinema world

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Re: History of the ratios

JimKasson wrote:

Stan Disbrow wrote:


The cinema cameras run it vertically thru the camera and so the order original frame is smaller and also a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Still cameras ran the film horizontally and so things changed including the aspect ratio.

Wasn't it Leica who did that first?


I believe so.

There are no frames in an unexposed roll of film. There is just the max width of the roll and how much length you want to expose for that creates the frames. They picked 4 perforations long to expose for 1 image for whatever reason and it became 1:33 (4:3) for silent films and 1:37 with the optical audio track.

This video explains it all. I never knew that 16x9 was a compromise format...

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