Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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Wishful Thinking

FuhTeng wrote:

fpapp wrote:

FuhTeng wrote:

And, importantly, Nikon says "this is it. Our last F-mount camera. Get it while you can. It has everything we can throw at F-mount in it."

I would buy it, and I would say to Nikon: "Thank you, this is my last Nikon camera! The last Nikon camera I'll be buying new anyway"

And because they've gotten that one last purchase from you, after your years of purchases, I bet they'd be okay with that. While continuing to bombard you with Z marketing.

This is all wishful thinking FuhTeng. Nikon is rocketing down the Z path and not looking back. To be successful and competitive with Sony and Canon they need to continue developing Z-mount lenses so Nikon has a complete system offering that rivals them.

If Nikon did offer one last DSLR they'd be unlikely to announce it as the last model. Who would buy into such a camera except long time DSLR shooters who already have all the lenses they need. No one looking for a new system - first time and young buyers - would buy into a dying format.

I wouldn't have bought the D850 a year ago for $500 off if I thought then that Nikon would drop the DSLR. A year ago many of us believed a new D880 was coming.

I'm beginning to realize that the 2 DSLRs I have are the last ones I'll own or buy. With any luck, Nikon will offer a MILC between the Z7II and the Z9 for a price I can justify. Then I'll evaluate the appeal of using my fine F-mount lenses on that. If not, I'll be looking at selling all of my Nikon gear and evaluating all of the available MILC systems.

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