Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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Re: Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

My take:

Nikon has a long history of keeping F-mount lenses useful for its customers. They have made more of an effort than any other camera maker I know of to maintain backward compatibility, and I find it unlikely that Nikon will now abandon its extensive customer base by discontinuing the manufacture of DSLRs.

But that doesn't change the economic and technical reality that the future lies with mirrorless cameras. So I expect Nikon will devote just about 100% of its development efforts and budget to mirrorless.

Much of what they will develop for mirrorless will be incompatible with DSLRs, but not everything. So I expect that any new DSLRs in Nikon's future will come with improvements and added features that have been developed for their mirrorless gear, but that can be adapted to DSLRs. If that's the case, then we've seen the last of the "breakthrough" DSLRs - I don't see any radical new capabilities being introduced to the F-series cameras - unless DSLR sales increase for some unexpected reason, there's no justification for investing big money into adding the newest ideas to that line. And if that's the case, I also don't see much of anything in the way of new F-mount lenses. That's not a major handicap - the F-series lenses that exist today are extraordinary by themselves. The larger issue will center on Nikon's plans to offer maintenance and repair on DSLRs and F-mount lenses.

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