Suggestions for external flash and Android ?

Started May 21, 2021 | Discussions thread
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Re: Suggestions for external flash and Android ?

saw this thread. I am using the cpflash and i found it perfect for my needs specially since i no longer use my trusty old dslr because of my scoliosis. doctors no longer allow me to carry more than 20 lbs.
Its power is approximately the same as my Canon 580EX speedlite. Just like a speedlight it will struggle under direct bright sun not unless you bring your fill in flash much closer. But under shadow or indoors you would barely need more than 20% flash power.
here is a sample shot I did with a model almost a year back. If you have questions or need more photos I will be very happy to oblige.
BTW the CPFLASH because it is a short burst (500MS) of intense LED light with allow your Smartphone to synch at any shutter speed. I have tested it at shutter speeds of 1/1200 or a second or faster. It works with my DSLR too but that is not important to me as I no longer use my DSLR. I am purely a smartphone guy now.

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