Thunderbird email - replicating or synching filters?

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Re: Thunderbird email - replicating or synching filters?


I've been using Thunderbird for email for a long time. Generally I like it the way it is, but when I move from one PC to another, I lose all the filters I had set up, not to mention folders (not local folders for archives).

When my business was booming, I had 200+ clients emailing me, and I gradually set up filters to take incoming emails and move each client into a local folder. Worked great until I picked up the laptop and hit the road. Suddenly all those organized folders disappear and I'm left with an inbox with seemingly 50,000 emails. (I never delete a business email).

I'd like a way for those filters, folders and contents to be replicated to another pc as I need it. Preferably automatically, but I'd be willing to batch-file something for copying. The filters in particular are important, but so is being able to recreate the folders for the filters to move mail into.

Windows 10.

I've moved/copied Thunderbird several times to several variants of Linux and Windows.  The procedure I use is to:

1) Create a new instance of Thunderbird on the new machine and then note the profile folder  Help->Troubleshooting (I see it has now changed with the latest version to ->More Troubleshooting).

2) Delete the contents of that folder

3) Repopulate with the contents of the folder from the old device

Same applies to Mozilla and Mozilla type browsers.

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