Adding a vertical grip changed my (photography) life!

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Re: Adding a vertical grip changed my (photography) life!

I think that there is some misconception about torque here. The change in the center of gravity is irrelevant for the "lens torque". The torque caused by the lens on your wrist only depends on the weigth of the lens and it's distance to your wrist. Changing the camera (get a bigger one, add a grip or similar) has no influence at all on the lenses fraction of the total torque.

In contrast, making the camera heavier means, that there is likely a bit more weight away from your wrist which needs to be supported, slightly increasing total torque.

To be fair, this only accounts for stationary situations. When in motion, other factors come into play. Mainly inertia and moments of inertia. These certainly do increase with more mass, making the camera-lens-combo more "sluggish"  and resistant to changes in velocity. If increased inertia makes the combo more or less comfortable to use is another question.

I think there are many good and valid reasons to add a bigger grip or a vertical grip to your camera. I use a pinky grip myself for my A7II. But "less torque" definitely doesn't apply, because torque is actually about the same or even increased. The grip might make the camera more comfortable to hold, though. Even with (slightly) increased torque.

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