A Challenge to Focus Stacking

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Re: A Challenge to Focus Stacking

AeroPhotographer wrote:

Rodger in Edmonton wrote:

AeroPhotographer wrote:

Because depth of field is proportional to distance from camera to subject squared, I often match focus stacking just by moving away from the subject and cropping.

Here is a challenge:

Post a photo in this thread of a common subject like a coin or a key that you made with focus stacking. Then I'll try to match it with a single photo. I may not succeed, but it will be interesting to see how close I come.


I think many would agree that lower magnification stacking has a serious law of diminishing returns but many poster do well stacking > 1 x.

I don't want to post other's post but if one searches the forum one finds some pretty impressive stacks > 1 X .

It's not my preference but just like a 1 iron - some people can hit it pretty well.

The stand off MO works well on the low end of mag but the high end detail will be challenging to duplicate.

Here is one slightly below 1:1 try something like this on stand off - see how it goes:

Best Regards, Rodger
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What is the approximate width covered by this image?

What is the description of the subject, so I can try to find one?

I had asked for common items that are easy to find, like a key or coin.



Thank you Rodger.

Mea culpa - its a common aster from the super market the floret center is about 1 " in diameter - here is a 29 image stack of a 1.5 " Morgan dollar - I don't have a rail so this is essentially done on a tripod with hand focus guessing on each slice so its with " bear skins & stone knives" as Spock says - if someone has a rail please chime in with a better image.

Its at F 16 close but not 1 : 1 to bite the entire axis of the coin but at least gives you a start point.

It would be best at F 5.6 but w/o a rail It will be too hard to guesstimate by hand for me

I dodged and burned it a bit and sharpened  30 % halftone in NIK.

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Best Regards, Rodger
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