Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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Depends what they offer

I'm a very satisfied D850 shooter who has not seen a ML camera that seemed an upgrade - until now.   The Z9 offers clear improvements in every area, or at least doesn't take a step backwards.  It's just too expensive for me.

Now I'm waiting for a D850 replacement with trickle-down technology.

At the very least, I would probably buy a D860 - basically just add the video/live view autofocusing tech from the D780 so that video improves.

Or - a Z8 that is a higher-megapixel, lower-priced version of the Z9.   Shutterless, same AF more-or-less, slower speeds (?).    This of course means an entirely new sensor, but would be the product that definitely got me to jump to ML.   And begin replacing 30 years of F-mount lenses.

Thing is, I really wouldn't get a lot of improvement in my images for an enormous expenditure.  It's pretty hard to financially justify upgrading from a D850, other than for video.  (Turns out I've recently gotten some time in shooting D850 video, and I'm a bit intrigued there.  Something new for me.)

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