Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

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Re: Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

Impulses wrote:

Tristimulus wrote:

brick33308 wrote:

I've narrowed down my choices for a 35mm lens to use for street work with the A7iv I've got on order. Does anyone have an opinion why I should get the Sony over the Samyang?

My reason to get the Sony is focus speed and accuracy. So wonderful when the images are in focus (better auto focus = more well focused images).

Has three Samyang lenses. Two got kicked out of alignment after slight bumps. Initially pretty good but no longer so. The third one is treated as carefully as a newborn baby.

Which three were that? Just curious if they were amongst their order or newer stuff...

None of the later Samyang lenses.

Samyang do improve at a slow pace, prices increase too.

Do not forget that early on photographers choose Leica cameras becausw they were cheap. Do not know where Samyang will go, but would personally be a bit catious now.

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